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#85: Origin Story: Coolhaus Ice Cream

July 18, 2019

It all started with an engineless postal service truck that was bought off Craigslist in 2008, and has led to an ice cream brand that now is being distributed in over 7,500 grocery stores. 

Coolhaus ice cream co-founder and CEO Natasha Case joins the podcast and talks about the company's humble beginnings, the bumpy roads, all the way up to its current successes. 

From tricking Triple-A into towing their broken down truck to Coachella, to dazzling foodies with odd flavor combinations, to what it takes to get a spot in a grocery store, Case gave a full inside look at evolution of their ice cream brand that changed the way we look at artisanal ice cream. 


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Your Hosts:

Elie Ayrouth (@bookofelie)

Geoffrey Kutnick (@geoffreykutnick)

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Natasha Case (@coolhaus)

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Isai Rocha (@isairocha)


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