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#84: Charging Influencers Double

July 11, 2019

Having a ton of followers can get you a lot of free stuff if you know how to work it, but one ice cream truck is fighting back against these free handouts.

Joe Nicchi, owner of L.A.'s CVT ice cream truck made waves this week when he announced he would not only reject any requests for free ice cream in exchange for an Instagram photo, but would actually make "influencers" pay double.

On today's Katchup episode we're joined by Stephanie Breijo, the Time Out LA editor who interviewed Nicchi, as we talk about influencer culture, and if it has a place in the marketing world.

We also dig into Alfred Coffee's bold decision to ban Kawhi Leonard, along with the Los Angeles Clippers players from its shops, and Starbucks' new Tie-Dye Frappuccino.

Come Katchup with us on the most important news of the week.


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