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#81: From Dropout To Serial Restaurateur w/ Andy ‘Cool’ Nguyen

June 20, 2019

Afters Ice Cream is arguably one of the hottest ice cream chains in the world, and was actually Andy Nguyen's first foray into the food and restaurant world.

Before Nguyen changed the ice cream game and became a serial entrepreneur, he was a less-than-impressive student just trying to find his way in this world. 

Nguyen hopped on The Foodbeast Katchup podcast in a very raw interview, talking about his troubles as a high school student, being talked into real estate despite having no knowledge, and eventually discovering that he has a knack for helping build restaurant concepts. 

With over 15 different restaurants under his belt, Nguyen left his mark on Orange County, Los Angeles, and as he revealed in the conversation, the Las Vegas Strip is next. 

Listen to his journey, and how he learned to be an restaurateur on the fly.


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