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#75: Beyond Meat Goes Public, Vegans Go Mainstream

May 2, 2019

Vegans were the bud of jokes for years, but with the rise of plant-based meats, and the announcement that vegan powerhouse Beyond Meat is now being publicly traded, no one is laughing anymore.

From Del Taco to Burger King, plant-based meats are really hitting their stride in major restaurants, and it is becoming a social norm faster than anyone could have predicted. 

On this week's episode we bring in chef Skyler Tanksley, co-founder of Munchies Vegan Diner, and our resident food scientist Constantine Spyrou to break down the current plant-based movement, and what we can expect in the future. 


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Elie Ayrouth (@bookofelie)

Geoffrey Kutnick (@geoffreykutnick)

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Skyler Tanksley (@overoverunder)

Constantine Spyrou (@constantine_spy)

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Isai Rocha (@isairocha)


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