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#74: An Epic Meal Talk w/ chef Josh Elkin

April 26, 2019

Chef and TV personality Josh Elkin got his cooking chops with a Canadian-based YouTube food show that took the world by storm in 2010.

Elkin was one of the original members of Epic Meal Time, a show where a group of friends amazed, disgusted, and ultimately intrigued millions of viewers with food creations that were never thought possible, such as Fast food lasagnagiant bacon-wrapped burgers, and even a literal pizza palace.

Josh joins the Katchup and gives a behind the scenes look at what it was like to help build that Epic Meal Time brand, and how it shaped who he is today.

Elkin has built his brand on creating some of the most insane food combinations you'll ever see. From his famous Poutine Tornado in 2015, to his more recent binges of turning anything from hash browns to Fruity Pebbles, into taco shells, Josh is the original stunt food artist. 

For the first time ever, Elkin publicly details his highs, lows, and the brutal growing pains of being part of skyrocketing show with no training manual. It all leads to a triumphant realization of what his strengths in this food space really were, as Elkin's story is one of grit and determination to pursue a passion by any means necessary. 


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