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#73: High At Medieval Times

April 18, 2019

Medieval Times is known for its classic dinner + show experience that takes you through a story of knights fighting for supremacy. 

It was quite the experience as kids, and the Katchup crew thought it would be interesting to go back as adults.

Oh yea, and go back high as a kite.

Geoff and Elie tried a few different edibles, jumped in their Ubers and with a sober Producer Izzy observing, experienced the nostalgic medieval show in a unique state of mind. 

The trio reported back, detailing the dinner, the constant feeling of confusion and overall pretty damn good time at the Buena Park, California location. 


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Elie Ayrouth (@bookofelie)

Geoffrey Kutnick (@geoffreykutnick)


Produced by:

Isai Rocha (@isairocha)


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