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#72: Don’t Call it A Comeback: What The Michelin Guide Will Do To LA’s Food Scene

April 11, 2019

With news dropping that the Michelin Guide is returning to California after a 9-year absence, we brought in Farley Elliott of to explain exactly what that means for the city of Los Angeles, its food, and why we should or shouldn't care. 

The guide itself is highly regarded around the world, and has been a go-to for food connoisseurs, for decades.

If there is one person who is completely in tune with the Los Angeles food scene, it is Elliott. Priding himself on being the first to report restaurant openings, closings, and pretty much anything happening within the Los Angeles food infrastructure, there is not much that gets by the seasoned reporter. 

In this episode, Elliott also touches on ruffling the feathers of restaurateurs, how he gets the scoop before anyone else, and some of the up-and-coming trends in the L.A. food scene, i.e. Tijuana street-style tacos. 


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