Foodbeast Katchup

#67: The Trial of Foodbeast vs. The Magical Burger (w/ Bear D’Egidio)

March 7, 2019

Foodbeast has made its fair share of enemies in the past, but its not often those foes shows up Foodbeast HQ and hash things out in real time. 

Entrepreneur Bear D'Egidio has seen success in multiple avenues, from paintball parks, to clothing lines.  In his first foray into the food world, he has already created a major buzz with his marshmallow-smothered, flashy Magical Burger. Celebrities across the country traveled to Irvine, California just to try this burger and support D'Egidio. 

Foodbeast was not impressed, and had no interest in covering the colorful burger. 

D'Egidio felt personally attacked and made his way to the Katchup podcast to clear the air, discuss his business acumen, the reception to his loud marketing tactics, and his unorthodox approach to becoming a restaurateur.


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