Foodbeast Katchup

#63: Let’s Talk About Body Image

February 7, 2019

Personal trainer and wellness coach Anne Phung joins the podcast, and takes us through her own struggles with her body image. A former Miss Vietnam winner, societal norms would tell us her pageant body is the goal, but that wasn't the case for her.

Phung takes us through the unhealthy route she took to maintain that type of body, how it affected her mentally and emotionally, and even leading to a period of unhealthy weight gain.

After years of fighting with her body and its image, she found a physical and mental balance, learned to love the process of finding that balance, and now strives to help others do the same. 

The Katchup crew shares its own personal relationships with food, the struggle for balance while being a Foodbeast, and work through the health issues with the help of Phung's expertise. 


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