Foodbeast Katchup

#61: “Breakfast” Is Officially Canceled

January 24, 2019

Breakfast is no longer "The most important meal of the day," as it is now often skipped by folks rushing to work, rushing to school, or even dieters who fast. 

For years, marketers have pushed us toward cereals, oatmeals, bacon, yogurt, and basically anything they want us to spend our dollar, but Americans seem to be moving toward a culture that is not only neglecting those tactics, but breakfast as a whole. 

The Katchup crew discusses its waning interest in traditional breakfast, how diets have changed breakfast over the years, and the perceived importance of breakfast. 

They also dig into how marketing has specifically influenced our breakfast habits, as far back as 1920, when Beech-Nut Packing Company convinced consumers that bacon and eggs were essential and healthy, to current times where handheld pies such as a Pop-Tarts are considered "breakfast." 

Have we all been duped into believing breakfast is more important than it is? Let's discuss. As far as we're concerned, IT'S CANCELED.


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