Foodbeast Katchup

#6: Pepsi Can Learn From Taco Bell On How To Stay Relevant

April 7, 2017

So that Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad was a thing that happened...

This week we're here to discuss what exactly went wrong with Pepsi's latest ad that set the internet on fire, and comparing them to everything Taco Bell does right to see if there's some things they can improve on.

Featuring Rudy Chaney, the VP of Advertising Solutions at Foodbeast, and Reach Guinto, Managing Editor at Foodbeast.

This is the KATCHUP! @foodbeast @bookofelie -- Elie (Foodbeast) @rudeluv -- Rudy (Foodbeast) @cozy.bryant -- Reach (Foodbeast)

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