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#59: Are Asians Allowed To Make Churros?

January 10, 2019

When accused of cultural appropriation, Jed Cartojano used his social media platform to address the issue of race, and who can cook whose cultural food. 

Cartojano is co-owner of The Loop Churros, on of the most viral dessert shops in Southern California, and felt the need to respond to a comment that said:

“Kinda disappointing when it’s Asians running a Churros joint probably can’t even pronounce the rolling “R” in it right.”

Jed explained how churros are a cultural food in his home country of the Philippines, why he chose to open a churro restaurant, and how it has managed to thrive over the years. 

The Katchup crew touches on their own cultural foods, what the line is for other cultures to cook them, and when the outrage might be warranted. 

The conversation of race and food is often an uncomfortable, but the guys fearlessly tackle it head on.



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