Foodbeast Katchup

#52: The Future of Mexican Food Looks Vegan

November 22, 2018

While vegan Mexican food might sound blasphemous in a culture rich in meats, Raul Medina, owner of Taqueria la Venganza, is quickly changing detractor's minds with his recipes. 


Creating textures that legitimately look and feel like carne asada, carnitas, and even more obscure meats such as tripas, Medina is blurring the line of plant-based and traditional taco meats.

Medina joins The Katchup this week and discusses what it's like to run a food popup with little to no help. Making his own breaks, and creating food that demands your attention, Medina is ruffling feathers not only in the Mexican community, but the vegan community, as well.

Medina also touches on his family's battles with diabetes, which led to his own shift to veganism, and why he is pushing to serve a Latino community that is often aggressively resistant to plant-based food.