Foodbeast Katchup

#51: Streetwear Is The Blueprint For Today’s Restaurateurs

November 15, 2018

From 2 hour lines for sandwiches, to trendy merch collabs, today's food world has been heavily influenced by "streetwear" culture.

This week we bring in Miles Canares, who curated the food installation for ComplexCon, and Foodbeast managing editor Reach Guinto, both who cut their teeth in the streetwear world. 

Restaurateurs have created hype using similar tactics that The Hundreds, Supreme, and other popular street brands, as the two cultures collide more than you'd expect.

We discuss the cultural successes of street-inspired food hubs such as Kogi BBQ, After's Ice Cream, and Howlin' Rays. Even Foodbeast itself was inspired by streetwear culture.

As the years go by, the streetwear culture gets more deeply ingrained in food culture, and could continue in the future.


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