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#50: The Granny With A Dirty Mouth And Clean Recipes

November 8, 2018

Peggy Glenn, AKA Granny Pottymouth, got her start as a 70-year-old actress who swore like a sailor for a PETA video. Since that vegan "Tofucken" recipe went viral, Glenn has started her own YouTube channel, teamed with Facebook Watch, and even has a recently-launched cookbook entitled, "Granny Pottymouth's Fast as F*ck Cook Book."

On this episode of The Katchup, the sweet, yet sassy Glenn shares why she decided to stop holding back, and curses everything into oblivion. The Katchup crew also discusses the basis of making a cookbook with recipes a common person can understand. The trio then digs into what it's like for a grandma to build a brand in a constantly changing online world. 

Granny Pottymouth has no patience for nonsense, and her cook book reflects that, making sure one can make these recipes fast, and even have leftovers for the next day. 


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