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#48: A Foodbeast Survival Guide To China

October 25, 2018

The Foodbeast crew made a trip to Suzhou, and quickly found out that it's not like any other travel destination. Our own Elie Ayrouth and Reach Guinto discuss the struggles of exchanging currency, internet censorship, and obvious language barrier, as our slightly ill-prepared staff had to learn how to make things work on the fly.

While shooting episodes of Foodbeast's "Taste the Details" series, the team experienced the intricacies of Suzhou cuisine, from jumping live shrimp, to the best pork belly they've ever tasted. 

Elie and Reach explain how they found places to eat that locals didn't even know about, what the China payment system is like, how to get around, and how several miscommunications led to some embarrassing moments.

Listen in and learn from their experiences to better prepare yourself for any potential trips to the culturally shocking country.   


5:35- The difficulty of getting visas

6:48- Why Americans don't travel to China

9:05- ATMs and U.S. credit cards don't work in China

10:15- Importance of WeChat, for everything in China

16:00- China doesn't cater to English-speaking tourists

22:10- The overall feel and atmosphere in China

26:27- Geoff teaches how to properly travel overseas

28:18- Why you should never wear green hats in China

32:20- Accidentally getting driven to a brothel

36:40- The crazy differences in fast food

38:56- Suzhou cuisine, jumping live shrimp

48:00- Suzhou has life-changing pork belly

52:06- Difficulty of finding restaurant info online

61:53- McDonald's kills it in China

67:34- Exploring without relying on technology

69:18- Tours and guides are a good starting point

73:15- Exploring the unknown makes traveling to China worth it


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Your Hosts:

Elie Ayrouth (@bookofelie)
Geoffrey Kutnick (@geoffreykutnick)

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Richard Guinto (@reach_hard)

Produced by:

Isai Rocha (@izzy_serious)


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