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#47: The Only L.A. Taco Talk You’ll Ever Need To Hear

October 18, 2018

Tacos are as much a part of Los Angeles culture as celebrity sightings and freeway traffic. You can find a taco shop on every corner, so how do you know which ones are legit, and which will leave you wanting more? 

Kevin Wallace AKA @tacotalkwithkev embarked on a journey to review every L.A. taco shop possible. In less than a year, he has hit 100 spots, giving brutally honest ratings to them all on Instagram, and showing the world the good, bad and ugly in the taco world.

Wallace is part of niche food critic community on Instagram that may proove to be the future of food reviews. In a social media space where food photos are soullessly displayed with little to no commentary, critics such as Kevin are trying to revive the lost art of thoughtful food reviews, coming from a trustworthy source.


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