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#46: The Petite Competitive Eater Who’s Shattering Records

October 11, 2018

In one year's time, Raina Huang has single-handedly changed the landscape of competitive eating. Not only does she have a 10-pound eating capacity, breaking records set by established veteran eaters, but she has built a brand around her eating like no other has. 

From creating a wildly popular YouTube channel, using her abilities for restaurant marketing, and even taking advantage of her modeling chops, Raina has built a brand that allowed her eating to go from a fun hobby, to a sustainable career.

In this episode of the Katchup, Raina explains the ins and outs of being a non-sanctioned competitive eater, and why she prefers it to being a contracted eater. She also talks being a female in this circuit, and how she plans on furthering her unique talents.



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Elie Ayrouth (@bookofelie)
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Raina Huang (@rainaiscrazy)

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