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#45: Kidnapping Rhett And Link’s Chef For A Day

October 4, 2018

Rhett and Link's Good Mythical Morning has been one of YouTube's most popular shows for almost eight years, but 2018 saw them put an even larger focus on the culinary side, onboarding chef/author Josh Scherer to create wild foods on set, and take the show to an even higher level as Food Producer. 

Scherer joined The Katchup, explaining what it's like creating insane foods for the show, such as $205 Big Macs, and $255 Crunchwraps. 

Josh is no stranger to wild recipes, creating innovative foods such as ramen doughnuts, pizza waffles, and spicy tuna roll corn dogs under the online moniker of Culinary Brodown. 

The podcast trio also discusses what it takes to write a cook book, the wild ride of online journalism, and low key Los Angeles restaurants you've probably never heard of. 


3:18- Russian porn site steals Culinary Brodown monkier

5:08- Is college essential to creatives?

12:13- The diminishing value of writers

28:20- Creating 'Dream Foods' for Good Mythical Morning 

37:16- Buzzfeed's recipe stealing problem

45:10- The art of creating in the digital age

52:50- Process of writing a cook book

107:45- building a unique personal brand

108:44- Best L.A. restaurants that don't photograph well


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