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#44: Food Blogger Overcame Cancer, Changed How We Photograph Food

September 27, 2018

Michel Phiphak, AKA, @foodwithmichel changed the way everyday people photograph food for social media. Before crazy foods flooded our Instagram feeds, Michel set the standard for food presentation, and pioneered the importance of making the food you eat look appealing for the gram.

Michel shared with us a very personal story with us, that not many of his followers know about, as he had to fight stage 4 cancer and poverty before becoming the Instagram celebrity he is today.


1:15- [Katchup News] Del Taco first fast food with vegan Beyond Meat taco

17:28- Making your food look beautiful on Instagram 

22:40- Creating original content, consistently

25:14- Finding your personal brand

32:55- Fighting Stage 4 Hodgkin's Lymphoma

48:10- Beating cancer and trying to get back on feet

56:10- Quitting job and making money on Instagram

1:01:34- Running social media accounts for restaurants

1:08:28- Struggle of separating social media from real life

1:19:55- Most overhyped food on social media


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