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#43: The ‘Kings of Fish’ Who Rule California Seafood

September 20, 2018

The San Pedro Fish Market is a California tourist mega destination, the largest restaurant in California, and has created an excitement for seafood like never before. After their monstrous "Super Tray" went viral in 2017, freeways were backed up with people trying to get in on the action. With quality food, and a party-like atmosphere, the "Kings of Fish" have managed to keep the crowds coming in droves.

The market's Tommy Amalfitano and Henry Ungaro joined the Katchup to talk about how the family built their seafood empire, what it's like shooting their "Kings of Fish" reality TV series, and how market originated as a front for a bookie.


2:53- Seafood "Super Tray" Video Gets 51 Million Views

5:13- The Restaurant Caused Freeway Traffic Jams

12:58- Fish Market Origins

15:45- From Bookie Front to Legitimate Business

23:55- Fish Market to Sit-Down Restaurant

26:20- Running A Business With Family

29:57- Shooting An Unscripted Reality Food Show

35:50- Executing On A Vision, Decades Later

39:40- Vast Expansion Across California

41:35- Joe's Crab Shack's Demise

42:38- Keeping Seafood Consistently Fresh

48:25- Controlling The Massive Crowds Coming In

53:00- When Lobsters Cost 25 Cents per pound

55:04- Future of Fishermen



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