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#42: From Childhood Bullying to National TV Shows [w/ Food Network’s Brandi Milloy]

September 13, 2018

Brandi Milloy-Simon, host of Food Network's "Let's Eat," talks about transitioning from online media to TV, and not letting motherhood slow down her career. 

While having a child has caused her to adjust, it has not stopped her from getting the job done, i.e. bringing in the adorable 14-month-old Milly to join us on the podcast.

Though a bit of chaos ensued, with baby Milly even keeping our hosts on their toes and sparking an impromtu breastfeeding session, we still learned about Brandi's childhood struggles with bullying, consistently getting food recipes to go "viral," and the vigorous tasks that come with being a TV show host.  

You can catch Brandi on "Let's Eat!" on Food Network (airing Sundays at 9am/8c).


2:02- Introducing, our first baby ever guest on the podcast

7:19- Making viral food recipes at Pop Sugar

19:00- Impromptu in-studio breastfeeding session

23:49- What it was like making quality food YouTube videos

 29:00- Tranistioning to TV

32:41- What Gordon Ramsay is like in real life

36:00- What Guy Fieri is like in real life

44:42- Working in a male-dominated food host world

47:40- Process of pitching a show to go on air

50:00- "The power of boobie"

52:55- Lack of female travel shows

57:40- Filipino/Irish origins

1:05:55- Getting censored at Food Network

1:16:04- "boxer-dropping dish"


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