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#41: The ‘Deep Frying King’ Who Changed Fair Food Forever

September 6, 2018

Fried foods have become synonymous with fairs, but it all started 20 years ago when this man decided to deep fry an OREO in pancake batter. Since then, the famous "Chicken Charlie" has fried everything from Kool-Aid, to Slim Fast bars, and even customer shoes.

Charlie Boghosian joins the Katchup and explains how all the deep-fried madness started, creating and keeping media hype, and how he has evolved his businesses over the last 20-plus years, to the tune of over $10 million in annual revenue.


3:40- Deep frying medicine with the Foodbeast crew

7:21- Cooking origins and influences

8:39- First stand at the fair in 1995

10:44- Deep fried OREO origins

16:14- Innovating for 20 straight years

19:40- Fried Kool-Aid creates worldwide headlines

24:27- Deep Fried Shoe


31:37- Transition from fairs, to restaurants

39:20- Hiring help from around the world

46:07- Competing with other fair vendors

56:20- The beauty of a fair

57:09- The Million Dollar, Vegas-style food stand

1:06:02- Semi-trucks full of oil and flour



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