Foodbeast Katchup

#21: CHEF ANDREW GRUEL: Slapfish Restaurant Group, TV Personality

August 3, 2017

"I swear to God that's not cocaine you just touched on the table!"

Switching this up on the podcast this week. I've been hearing from the PR, Marketing, Media, Foodie and Hustlers listening and commenting, so decided to do a couple Founder Series episodes with some amazing stories within the food industry.

As a co-founder of Foodbeast (@bookofelie, catch me on Instagram eyyyy!), I'm fascinated by the come-up stories of successful food entrepreneurs. One of the stories I've been dying to unfurl involves Chef Andrew Gruel, a champion of sustainable seafood and the founder of Slapfish restaurants, what Forbes magazine calles the 'Chipotle of Seafood.'

As any real founding story would have it, Andrew's journey is riddled with borrowing money from friends, pooping his pants in public, crack houses in Maine, and a failed 75-unit multi-million-dollar Middle East deal that nearly cost him his entire company. We also get into it about food influencers vs. traditional PR to promote your restaurant.

I hope you enjoy this episode, really appreciate any comments y'all leave here on Soundcloud, what we can do better, who you'd like to hear from next, and if you learned anything from Andrew on this episode!

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Thanks to Constantine Spyrou, Brayden Curtis, Oscar Gonzalez and Geoffrey Kutnick!