Foodbeast Katchup

#1: Is The Viral Sushi Donut Killing The Food Industry?

March 1, 2017

This week, Foodbeast Editor-In-Chief Elie Ayrouth brings in Andy Nguyen, the “creator” of the Sushi Donut and Jason Quinn, chef/owner of The Playground DTSA to discuss how social media virality is affecting customer eating habits at restaurants. In under a week since launch, videos of the Sushi Donut have amassed over 80 million video views...which begs the question, are viral food items like the Sushi Donut ruining it for all other chefs out there?!

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Foodbeast Editor-In-Chief: @bookofelie Guest: Andy Nguyen @AndyTheNguyen Project Poke Co) Guest: Chef Jason Quinn (@PlaygroundDTSA)